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Our History - The Door Industry Journal

History of The Door Industry Journal

The Door Industry Journal was first produced in 1995
as a single page newsletter known simply as “AGDS”. Back then it was produced by the newly formed Association of Garage Door Specialists ( AGDS) and both the association and the publication were targeted exclusively at garage door specialists and installers.

Spring 2000: A new millennium and a new name

At the beginning of the new millennium the name was amended to
The AGDS Journal to give a more appropriate and meaningful title, but also to adopt the name by which it had become generally known in the industry. The target market of garage door specialists and installers continued.

July 2008: AGDS merges with DHF

Then in July 2008, the Association of Garage Door Specialists (AGDS) was taken over by the Door and Hardware Federation (DHF) and the name was simply shortened to The Journal to remove the reference to the now defunct AGDS name.

Autumn 2009: Change of target market

Following consolidation within the manufacturing sector of the garage door industry in 2009, a decline in advertising revenue occurred and a decision was taken to widen the coverage of the publication to include the industrial doors sector and the door hardware and locksmiths sectors.

Summer 2010: Change of name to The Door Industry Journal

Such a significant change needed a new name that accurately represented the wider coverage of the publication so it was decided, following consultation with the DHF, to change the name to -
The Door Industry Journal. This latest change allowed the publication to progessively expand its content to cover most, if not all of the products, supplied, manufactured or installed by the relevant groups that comprise the Door and Hardware Federation – into one publication.

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