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Latest News

To read the latest industry news that breaks between our published issues, visit the Door Industry Journal Blog where you will find the same regular news categories as those included in our printed and online issues.

To improve the coverage of each blog posting we also tweet them on Twitter and feature them on our FaceBook page.

Providing this add-on service gives our advertisers and contributors extended coverage and a better return on their investment.

Please take a look at our Blog, our Twitter site and our Facebook page to see what we have created.

Have your Story Published

If you want your news story featured on our Blog, just send us your news item, logo and image(s) and we will review the material, make any necessary changes to the wording / word count and then advise you when it will be published.

A set-up charge, typically 75 plus VAT towards our costs, will be requested and can be paid by bank transfer or credit card. However, if you advertise with us, you will receive the publicity absolutely free of charge.

Keep up to date with the latest Industry News visit the Door Industry Journal Blog - news is posted every day

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